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    Bluetooth (Bluetooth), is supported by a short-range communication device invented by Ericsson (usually within 10m) radio technology. Capable of wireless ination exchange, including mobile phone, PDA, wireless headsets, laptop computers related peripherals between. Working in universal 2.4GHz ISM (ie industrial, scientific, medical) b. And now most of the newer phones are already equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, the most notable features Bluetooth 4.0 technology compared to before is - power! Low-power Bluetooth 4.0: Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 3.0 + HS specification supplement, designed specifically for cost power requirements are high wireless solutions, can be wiy used in health care, sports fitness, home entertainment, security many other areas.

    Since it joined the low-power (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) technology, the peak energy consumption is only half of the traditional Bluetooth devices. While in stby mode Bluetooth module will automatically go into sleep mode, the power consumption is almost negligible (erly Bluetooth technology without closing the case still consumes power). So why would such a power Bluetooth 4.0 do? First, before the Bluetooth technology consumes large items that frequently on the use of 16 to 32 channels to transmit broadcasts, while the latest Bluetooth technology using only three channels broadcasting, radio broadcasting each time opening time from the traditional 22.5 reduce ms to 0.6 ~ 1.2ms, greatly reducing the time because the broadcast data resulting power consumption.

    Secondly, the design uses a low-power Bluetooth deep sleep state to replace the traditional Bluetooth idle state, in deep sleep state, power consumption is almost negligible, it is said single button battery can continue to work for several years.

    So, I think of those who have been afraid to normally open Bluetooth little friends say, as long as you can rest assured Bluetooth 4.0 device to open it! Bluetooth technology has been developed to Bluetooth 4.1, more emphasis on communication links function smart devices, perhaps by Bluetooth to connect between smart appliances coming oh.

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