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    Date:2015-1-1 From:深圳新闻网

    Shenzhen News Network "to the phone while driving, the car stereo can be when your earpiece microphone!" September 11 afternoon in Xixiang Shu Ji Unicom Shenzhen Digital Technology Co. within a busy, from Huizhou A large car audio business representatives are here to visit their purpose of this trip is to cooperate with Kyrgyzstan Unicom, production of Bluetooth stereo.

    Shenzhen Bluetooth Technology Industries Association president, chairman of Kyrgyzstan Unicom Chen Shui-ming afternoon to accept an interview with reporters.

    Behind the apparent crisis hot

    Chen Shui-Ming, after several years of development, China Bluetooth manufacturing meteoric rise, currently in China R & D, manufacturing, sales of Bluetooth enterprises reached more than 800, accounting for about 80% of total production of the world, according to reports, these companies have 80% in Shenzhen, most of them in Baoan. According to incomplete statistics, Bao'an District, the company currently has more than 200 Bluetooth growth significantly.

    Business gathering, on the one h ed a relatively complete industrial chain, it also gave birth to the industry in some vicious competition. Reporters recently visited Bao An Saige Electronic City, Huaqiang North other places learned that some of the cheapest Bluetooth headsets sell to twenty or thirty dollars, many mobile phone also comes with a Bluetooth headset, a lot of traders who put it bluntly: "This cargo No warranty. "

    Chen Shui-ming told reporters about the current domestic Bluetooth industry-wide phenomenon: one crazy price war, some manufacturers in order to save costs, cut corners in production, post-production do product testing, which does not pay attention to short-term credit quality, it is difficult retain customers. Second, serious homogeneity, product features not obvious.

    In addition, Bluetooth manufacturers want to get Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth SIG) technical certification, certification of a product-related costs amounted to more than ten million, while domestic manufacturers of Bluetooth generally young, it takes a big deal over a sum of money, a lot of enterprises powerless. Bluetooth industry "cottage" phenomenon is very obvious. Last year, the International Organization of Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Technology Industry Alliance of China become very tense relationship, if not to solve the problem of the vicious competition, business prospects worrying.

    Hold together achieve salvation by self-discipline

    To solve these problems, manufacturers have what Bluetooth methods of self-salvation it?

    By the end of August this year, the Shenzhen Bluetooth Technology Industry Association was established, which will be set up as a second manufacturing Baoan Enterprise Association, Chen Shui-ming was elected president. Talkative president Chen Shui-ming as solemn commitment to member companies: one is to help member companies to reduce participation, procurement, marketing other operating costs, the second is to promote the upgrading of the quality reputation of the entire industry through internal oversight.

    Chen Shui-ming, accompanied reporters visited the scene Unicom Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan Unicom R & D capabilities on-site management gives the left a deep impression. Chen Shui Minter company intended to take us to the test center, the test center investment of several million dollars, in general Bluetooth producers rare. Chen Shui-ming said the association is currently F518 fashion creative park construction of China's first Bluetooth museum, Chinese e-commerce sites Bluetooth Bluetooth salon. In particular by members of the Association website, high quality awareness of corporate integrity recommend mutual exchanges, promote business dealings. Chen Shui-ming said that domestic enterprises to mutual supervision, self-discipline behavior. Externally, Bluetooth Shenzhen enterprises to work together, including negotiations with the international Bluetooth organization, reduce domestic enterprise authentication enrollment threshold. Only in this way can increase China Bluetooth voice in international business, to create a good production environment, allowing enterprises to bid farewell Bluetooth "cottage." (Reporter Li Changliang Xie Jing)

    【related ination】

    Bluetooth technology

    Bluetooth (Bluetooth) technology, is a short-range radio technology, the use of "Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify hheld computers, laptops mobile phones to communicate mobile phones other mobile communication terminal equipment, it is possible to successfully simplify these devices Communication between the Internet , thus making the data transfer between modern communication devices the Internet becomes more quickly efficiently.

    Bluetooth SIG (hereinafter referred to as SIG) from the leader in the telecommunications industry, ination industry, consumer electronics, automotive network industries, is the development of new technology Bluetooth into the market. SIG founding companies, including Ericsson, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia Toshiba.

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