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    Q: What is a Bluetooth headset?
    A: Bluetooth is a transmission mode, such as infrared, as the data lines. Bluetooth headset, simply speaking, is a use of Bluetooth wireless technology to create a wireless headset.

    Q: Why use a Bluetooth headset?

    A: workplace, communication, entertainment, shopping, dinner, home, in airports, in railway stations, at the dock, on the road ...... not enough hs, one h is not convenient, the Bluetooth headset it is your good helper! For example, to answer the phone one-hed driving, unsafe.

    Q: What are the benefits of using a Bluetooth headset?

    A: made hs free, there is get rid of the shackles of cable, or even can be understood: Since the phone has no direct close contact with the human brain a corresponding reduction in "electromagnetic radiation."

    Q: How to use Bluetooth headset?
    A: First open Bluetooth Bluetooth device, then turn on the Bluetooth headset into pairing status, follow the prompts to search for connection to the headset later, so that we can use Bluetooth headphones.

    Q: Bluetooth headset can be applied to what?

    A: Under normal circumstances, the Bluetooth headset can be used for phone calls, listening to music, etc., can also voice chat listen to music via Bluetooth adapter to your computer so on. Moreover, even to some other Bluetooth-enabled devices, instead of the functions of the traditional headset.

    Q: How far the Bluetooth headset from the mobile phone use?
    A: Working range is typically up to 30 feet, which is about 10 meters.

    Q: What devices may interfere with a Bluetooth headset?

    A: cordless phones wireless networking equipment other appliances may interfere with conversation. In order to reduce interference, the headset away from other devices use or produce radio waves.

    Q: Bluetooth headset can interfere with electronic devices, radios or computers on board it?
    A: power Bluetooth headset is much smaller than ordinary mobile phones, Bluetooth headset will signal cons to international stards issued, so you do not have to worry about interference stard electronic equipment Consumer grade.

    Q: other Bluetooth phone users can hear me, please?
    A: A headset with Bluetooth phone docking, establish confidentiality connected only between two Bluetooth devices, because in terms of radio frequency power, Bluetooth wireless signal is much lower than the signal generated by ordinary mobile phone, so difficult to monitor third-party headset employed Bluetooth wireless technology.

    Q: Bluetooth headphones can not hear any sound?

    A: increase the headphone volume, ensure that the headset the device is docked normal playback, check the phone's menu is installed according to the answer key, make sure that your phone is connected to the headset.

    Q: After the headset is fully charged turned on, why can not my Bluetooth-enabled phones that use?
    A: You must activate the phone's Bluetooth function make your phone paired with the headset can be used.

    Q: Bluetooth headset can be paired with all mobile phones use it?

    A: No. Only with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone paired before.

    Q: Why is my phone can not find headset?
    A: Please refer to the headset instructions to set the headset in pairing mode.

    Q: My phone search Bluetooth headset, why you will find many other Bluetooth devices?
    A: the vast majority of Bluetooth phones are allowed in the communication range while the search to one or more Bluetooth devices, you simply press the headset Operation Guide to the right choice.

    Q: When using the headset must be paired it every time?
    A: No. All two Bluetooth devices have been paired usually kept pairing status.

    Q: Why is the sound heard from the headphones is not clear?
    A: There are several possible reasons: (1) the location of your cell phone signal is too weak; (2) the distance between the headset mobile phone communication over distance; (3) may be surrounded by a strong source of interference. Q: Why the sudden shutdown of headphones? A: There are several possible reasons: (1) may be out of power for your headset, please charge; (2) may be your phone's Bluetooth feature off machine a. This situation rarely occurs, hold the phone powered off or the phone's Bluetooth feature is turned off back ..

    Q: Why is my headset does not activate voice dialing function?

    A: There are several possible reasons: (1) Some phone does not support voice dialing function (see phone manual); (2) Please operate according to guiines set correctly headset.

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