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    Bluetooth headset connection Common Problems Solutions
    Many consumers buy a Bluetooth headset later, due to the Bluetooth headset features are not familiar with, leading to buy Bluetooth headset connection process will always encounter this or that problem, today JetBlue edit summary consumers often asked some of the problems the corresponding solutions, for your reference:
    A Bluetooth headset does not boot
    Possible causes:
    1. Bluetooth headset battery is low or dead battery
    2. button long enough
    1. Try using a Bluetooth headset charger to charge more than one hour
    2. Bluetooth boot time is long press the multifunction key for more than 3 seconds to enter pairing state is long over by seven seconds
    1. If the battery is completely without power, need to be recharged about 30 minutes, the red light will light
    1. Press hold down the multifunction key means hold the middle can not let go
    Second, the phone can not search for a Bluetooth headset
    Possible causes:
    1. Bluetooth headset is not paired state power;
    2. Bluetooth headset procedural error;
    3. Phone Bluetooth procedural error;
    1. Bluetooth headset off, press hold the multifunction key (ie, red blue lights flashing alternately) activate Bluetooth pairing;
    2. Bluetooth headset to restore the factory settings;
    3. The phone will restart all paired Bluetooth cell phone store removed; re search for Bluetooth
    1. After the Bluetooth headset into pairing mode, connect within two minutes, two minutes after the headset will automatically shut down;
    2. When charging, Bluetooth will be automatically reset once the connection requires a reboot after charging is completed.
    Third, earphone no sound
    Possible causes:
    1. The phone volume is inappropriate, the volume adjusted to the minimum
    2. Bluetooth headset phone is not properly connected
    3. Bluetooth headset is not within the limited scope of work
    1. In the phone to adjust
    2. re-pair the Bluetooth phone connection
    3. Keep the headset is located 10 meters to use the phone, which without any obstacles.
    Do not per other operations 1. Search for Bluetooth, the prevention program error.
    2. To ensure the best results keep the phone peripheral use.
    Fourth, Bluetooth connectivity, but can not listen to music
    Possible causes:
    1. Bluetooth headset is mono
    2. Mobile Bluetooth Settings reason
    3. The phone's media volume to minimum
    1. The mono Bluetooth headset to listen to music only can use Bluetooth pairing in the Nokia phone, if you use the phone instead of Nokia, is not used to listen to music in mono Bluetooth
    2. Check the Bluetooth settings, sound path Go hsfree
    3. Some phones also need to set up two places into the player, the player in the Bluetooth headset on below the icon, select a connected Bluetooth device just click OK to
    The individual did not complete stereo Bluetooth phone module, no Bluetooth music functionality. Available phone detects the Bluetooth connection to other Bluetooth headset is available
    Fifth, no microphone or headset microphone sound small
    Possible causes:
    1. Bluetooth headset is too far away from the mouth
    2. Bluetooth microphone hole blocked or there is a carry over water
    1. Bluetooth headset to wear ear normal use
    2. Clear the blockage microphone microphone hole or holes to prevent water
    1. When using Bluetooth, the headphones use best worn on the head, not too far away.
    2. To maintain a clean Bluetooth headset, not water, otherwise easily damaged.
    Six, or disconnect the headset Caton phenomenon during a call or listening to music
    Possible causes:
    1. Bluetooth headset insufficient power, please charge the headset as soon as possible
    2. Bluetooth headset from the phone too far away or there is an obstacle
    3. The phone's Bluetooth signal a problem
    4. nearby strong signal interference
    1. Bluetooth headset as close to the phone,
    2. The phone is best not to have metal objects near the phone
    3. for another phone or another place to try
    4. Do not h over Bluetooth, in order to maintain continuous stability of the signal, please try to keep Bluetooth mobile phone in the same direction
    1. Bluetooth is in use, preferably as close to a mobile phone headset, not too far away.
    You can not have metal or other objects affecting the radio signal between 2 hset Bluetooth.
    3. Using the headset at high power wireless wifi other strong signal will affect the results.
    Seven, charging red light does not shine
    Possible causes:
    Not used for a long time
    Need to be recharged about 30 minutes, the red light will light
    Overcharging, Bluetooth headset in a closed car in such a similar environment, will reduce the battery capacity lifetime.
    Eight songs on the computer Bluetooth headset voice chat
    Possible causes:
    Bluetooth device or computer is not set up wrong
    If your computer comes with Bluetooth, open Bluetooth Bluetooth search is opening on the line; otherwise you need a Bluetooth adapter, the role of the adapter is connected to a Bluetooth headset a computer, through a small software BlueSoleil Bluetooth can connect to the computer. XP system can automatically recognize any Bluetooth adapter, no drivers, but XP comes with the adapter software can only transfer files, you can not transmit audio. You must install the CD-ROM that comes with the software to transfer audio BlueSoleil

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